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17 Nov

Pulling out her phone, she opened the usual website and scanned it desultorily. Yadda, yadda, yadda; same, same, same. Why wasn’t there ever anything new? Wait a minute. She scrolled back up. What did that say? Classical music?

Lee was a country and jazz aficionado, but she had grown up with classical music and still had a soft spot for chamber music. Hmm, that’s different. This could be interesting.

She lifted the cold bottle to her lips and considered. The French Quarter Festival was sure to be jammed with crowds, which she abhorred, but this invitation was intriguing. Good conversation was always fine and not always available, and “intimate sharing,” well, that just left a world of possibilities. The age didn’t bother her; she was closing in on that herself.


She finished off her beer and reached for her wallet in her back pocket.

“Leaving already, Lee? You just got here,” Krista exclaimed.

“Yeah, think I’ll hit the sack early,” she replied. “I might have a hankering to go to the fest tomorrow and hear some music.”


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