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17 Nov

Here she was in a romantic, lace-canopied, top-quality bed, surrounded by antiques and flowers, and…alone again, naturally. She thought about calling her contacts in Atlanta to arrange for some companionship in New Orleans, as she could always generate some story about a long-lost college friend’s niece. But then she nixed the thought; it was too risky, even if appealing. Her girlfriends might not mind if they found out—hell, they might even applaud her—but the media had a way of finding out the most well-disguised foibles. But still. She opened her laptop and pulled up hearts.com, typing in New Orleans as her location.

"Like classical music?" she typed. "I’m in NOLA for the weekend festival and will be at the chamber music concert at the Ursuline convent tomorrow afternoon. Care to join me? I’m a very young 60-ish lesbian, not bad to look at, who loves good conversation and intimate sharing with other lesbians. I’ll be wearing a magenta scarf and white floppy hat."

“Well, a shot in the dark. Who knows?” After closing her laptop and putting it on the bedside table, she opened the drawer and took out her vibrator. “Hello, old friend,” she said with a sigh. “Here we are again, but at least in more romantic surroundings.”


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