Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

"Silver Love is a work of character-driven women’s fiction penned by author Josette Murray. Focusing on the title theme of love, this ensemble cast novel focuses on the different types of relationships which people experience and the types of love they feel, from old friends to new meetings, lovers and family. Set amongst a group of friends ‘of a certain age’ (as the author delicately puts it), we find that drama and interpersonal minglings are still as rife as they are amongst the younger generations. Blackmail, crime, betrayal, and addiction all play a role as the intensity heats up, testing the central friendship of women who are pushed to emotional limits by what life throws at them. 

"The would-be silver-haired heroines of this sweeping, multi-story tale provide much enjoyment and are sure to satisfy readers looking for lighthearted, emotive reading that has some exciting plot twists and real-world problems to deal with. I especially enjoyed Dory and Robby’s narrative, as Dory’s dreams begin to crumble and take her on unexpected routes, whilst Robby is busy reliving her time as a detective and trying to help another of Dory’s friends out. Relationships are tested through an engaging narrative that is brimming with wit and wisdom and gives way to moments which showcase each central woman in her own glory. Everyone is different, but bonded by love, and set in an excellent balance of twisting, interconnecting plots that reach a satisfying end. Overall, author Josette Murray presents a superbly engaging tale of interpersonal drama, making Silver Love a truly recommended read."