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01 Nov

Hello, all! 

Fall is definitely in the air, and I'm wondering if it won't be short. We went from 90 degrees last week to the 30s this week. But at least the leaves are finally changing. I was born in NY state, and the fall is my favorite season, even though Atlanta is breathtaking in the spring. Fall is when the trees show us their true colors, all green photosynthesizing done for the year. 

The same could be said for people. When we're young, we want to fit in; when we're a little older, many still want to be models of whatever society deems commendable. But when we're old, we tend to move beyond all that, and fly our individual flags with insouciance. 

I like being older. I like living my life quietly with an occasional social spurt, less caring of what others think. Let them think what they will. I deserve my place in the world. I worked hard for it and I've earned a restful niche. Or, for some, a flamboyant one is just the ticket. I've seen the photos of the iconic fashionistas in their 70s and 80s, rocking their colorful looks. I'm not as mature as these ladies, like Iris Apfel pictured here, but I always wanted to grow up to be an eccentric old lady. Maybe I will, one day. In some regards, I already have been. Makes me interesting.

I say, we all go, girls!

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