Josette Murray is a native New Yorker who, after more than 40 years in the deep South, feels well acculturated. Well, as acculturated as a damn Yankee can get, and probably not enough for those native-born. She lives in Decatur, Georgia (the Atlanta area) with her two small rescued canines, Reece and Piper. They are the exercise coaches who make sure she takes at least a walk every day.

She spent over 25 years in a dream career, reporting on meetings for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There couldn’t have been a more rewarding job, being her own boss and actually being paid to listen to the most fascinating conversations. She still helps CDC on occasion.

But semi-retirement prompted the question “What the hell do I do now?”, at about the same time that she met and fell in love with the multiply-published Pascal Scott. With her prompting, Josette took the pen name Jae Martin and wrote a heterosexual courtroom-drama romance, Trial and Error, focused on the legal implications of the kink lifestyle. Now, thrilled to be part of the Sapphire publishing family, she has published two romance books with them and is working on her third.

Josette likes to make a point in each of her books, and to write from a realistic perspective that she hopes will make her stories more relatable to her readers, while still giving them the escape into the tales that help to ease daily reality.

In Silver Love, she evokes the Appalachian aphorism: “Just ‘cuz there’s snow on the roof don’t mean there ain’t no fire in the furnace!” This and subsequent books will follow four fast friends, all retired lesbians who live their lives fully, either ignoring or battling aging during their adventures. These are stories of love, between friends and lovers, acquaintances and strangers, and maybe even frenemies.